The New Super SOCO TS1200R




Breathtaking. Inspiring. Groundbreaking. Describe it which you want. The SO COOL Super SOCO TS1200R is TRENDSETTER state of the art when it comes to e-mobility. After years of development and cooperation with the big players around the world, it was the first time to create an electromotive that will inspire you. Completely without compromise. Because you have to recharge after 160 kilometers and the performance speaks for itself.

45 km/h
At Constant Speed 
160 km
max. Range
78 kg
Rider Weight


Will be available SOON in Nepal.


Offizielles Video zum Launch



Bilder sagen bekanntlich mehr als 1.000 Worte


E-Mobility has never looked so good

Choose your style of the Super SOCO TS


No simple lines and no outdated design. The SOCO is certainly not for boring. And to help you find your personal style, there are five different colors to choose from. Do you like what you see? Good! Because such a moped you will not find so quickly.




of the next generation


Never have a queasy feeling when it gets dark. The low beam and high beam of the SOCO with advanced LED technology will give you the way through the night. The turn signals and taillights also radiate in the modern design, which ensures a lot of looks. And during the daytime, the LED daytime running lights show that you do not have a "normal" moped.


Display Instrument


with perfect digital display


A generous display shows you all the information you need while driving: speed, range, driving mode, temperature and many more. Thanks to a special coating, even strong sunlight is not a problem, at night the cockpit is illuminated. What more do you want? 


Lithium Batteries 


for more range


The Super SOCO TS accommodates up to two removable batteries at the same time. So that you can even only charge only separtely. No need to take motorcycle inside home to charge. Each of the batteries consists of numerous high-performance lithium-ion cells from Panasonic, LG and Samsung - intelligent Battery Management System (BMS). That's exactly why the SOCO is the first moped with a range of up to 160 km - 100% electric.


Unbelievable Power


Rear Wheel DC Hub motor by BOSCH


Stinking of exhaust fumes? Change or refill oil? Terrible noise? No chance! In the Super SOCO TS, an electric motor specially developed by BOSCH is used, which is installed in the rear wheel. This means that it delivers the performance without any gear or without delay and accelerates you faster than conventional gasoline engines to maximum speed. No kidding!


Smartphone App


Mobility become more personal now


Connect with the Super SOCO via Bluetooth! The smartphone app fulfills several purposes: On the one hand, you can see all the information about the SOCO stored in the onboard computer. On the other hand you can adjust the driving behavior and other settings as you like. By the way, the app is available free of charge.


Your Personal SOCO


Adapts exactly to your needs


Why make compromises and put on a Petrol Scooter that is not as you want it? Use the Super SOCO to match your body size and driving style with sporty, comfortable and quiet. This makes the SOCO the first electromotive, whose elements can be easily and easily adjusted. Great, right?


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